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Estrella Archs – Fall Winter 2011

After all of the brightly colored clothes that designer Estrella Archs produced during her brief and chaotic time designing for the brand Emanuel Ungaro it came as something of a choc to see beige on her catwalk. Beige and more beige, it was only after about ten looks that Ms. Archs tried out a different hue- and it was black. Granted there was a touch of the old Estrella in those first few looks, a band of hot pink could be spotted striping the hem of what might be described as a body sock dress.
Perhaps the designer was fishing for a job at Masion Martin Margiela where her collection would look right at home. Her all in one outfits started with shoes built into socks which were then attached to a skirt via a zipper at the back and continued up and over the body to encompass everything but the models head. Overall this style looked gimmicky. The only moment where the idea seem like it was going anywhere was when a blazer was seamlessly molded out the top of one ensemble. When the designer moved away from this experimentation the collection started to gain tractionand color.
In shades of pink, from blush to fuchsia and orange Ms. Archs relaxed her silhouette showing boxy tail coats cut from what looked like vintage kimonos covered in cranes and a number of simple draped dresses. Those dresses looked even more interesting once the models reveled themselves to be ballerinas and took to the catwalk en pointe.

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