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Issey Miyake – Paris FW 2011

a theatrical parade of <strong>issey miyake</strong> was held in paris in this season&#8217;s fashion week&#8230; after 17 years at the helm of the house, designer <strong>dai fujiwara</strong> presented his last show for fall winter 2011 2012 and went out in style&#8230;
a grand piano with the notes of twinkle twinkle little star played as the show opened up with the staff creating origami garments on stage and assembling them on the models&#8230;
fujiwara shows us with the opening of his fashion show that fashion can be environmentally responsible, just a bit of creativity, art, some strips of paper and some paper clip to create a skirt, a dress or a top fashion.
once the paper premise had been established, designer Fujiwara sent out the same ensembles a second time, but built from more functional fabrics&#8230;</p>
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