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Dior – People at entrance to the show boycotted Galliano for making the racial remarks – Paris , March 5th, 2011 2:05 pm ET

Dior Fall-Winter 2011 runaway in Paris went without its creative director John Galliano. Galliano is no longer employed with one of the oldest and most prestigious brand. And there is a reason for it.

This scandal in the fashion world shocked everyone, except maybe Galliano himself, who let himself loose a long time ago with a thought that he is too powerful to be ever condemned for anything. It helped that his collections have kept everyone mesmerized for decadesBut this time Galliano did himself a bad favor.

When Galliano didnt show up at the showing of his own collection Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2011 in Paris, everyone knew the reason. The show started with a forward word by Sidney Toledano, the 59-year-old chief executive of Dior, who told the audience: “The fact that Diors name could be connected to the absolutely unacceptable remarks by its leading designer, no matter how genius he might be, became like a torture to all of us.

Despite the collection by Dior being one of the most lavish and colorful of the collections shown this year, not many well known people were present at it, most of whom boycotted Galliano for making the racial remarks that he loves Hitler. Usually Diors collections are hardly missed by the top influential people in the world of fashion, press and Hollywood.

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