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Mik Cire – Fall winter 2011

Mik Cire

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mik Cire designer Eric Kim grew up immersed in the skate and surf cultures of Southern California. He always had a passion for architecture and construction, and in his youth, envisioned a career in furniture design. Yet, as he got older, he feared that a successful and lucrative career in furniture design might be too small of a niche market for the fantastic success that he aspired to achieve. Thus, he chose to matriculate at F.I.D.M in Los Angeles, and major in his alternate career choice, fashion design.

Erics first job in fashion was as a design assistant for Rampage where he spent his first few years of his career working in the JR apparel markets. He later was recruited by Pure Garden, a moderate mens sportswear company, to head their design team. After two years with Pure Garden, he created his own mens labels, Macros and Indigo Star. In seven years of running and producing Indigo Star, the company grew into to a 36 million dollar company.
Next, Erics talents were enlisted by Interstate, a major American retail chain. He was initially hired by the company as the VP in charge of their retail divisions, yet due to his tremendous effect on the companys growth, Eric was soon promoted to the position of CEO. During his time at Interstate, Eric started yet another brand named Arch Angel, a line which he used as his learning template for the premium clothing market.

Eric then created Monarchy Collection, a premium ready to wear contemporary brand, where he remained CEO of Creative Director for 5 ½ years. Monarchy had phenomenal success, selling in more than 45 countries world-wide.

In January of 2010, Eric resigned from Monarchy to launch his first name sake brand-
Mik Cire, Eric Kim spelled backwards. Mik Cire launched in February of 2010 at New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. The debut Fall 2010 Collection will ship this September to the top mens boutiques and better specialty stores in the nation. Eric Kim is currently preparing his Spring 2011 Collection, which will show in New York at MB Fashion Week in Lincoln Center in September.

As I designer, I strive for innovation.- Eric Kim


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