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Emmanuel Ungaro – Paris Spring / Summer 2010 widescreen 16:9 video preview In a bid for easy headlines, CEO Mounir Moufarrige recently replaced Esteban Cortazar with an unusual team: the little-known Spanish designer Estrella Archs and, as “artistic adviser,” the actress turned self-bronzer entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan. Would the move turn out to be a bit of counterintuitive brilliancethe Olsens, after all, have had a bona fide hit with The Rowor would the results be as embarrassing as a streaky orange fake tan? In separate interviews a couple of days before the show, Archs discussed reviving the DNA and Lohan mentioned injecting a bit of youth into the brandnot necessarily mutually exclusive notions for a label that was beloved by eighties party girls. The show opened on an up note, with a strapless fuchsia plissé minidresstwo Ungaro signatures rolled into oneand Archs turned the house’s polka dots into a charming enough heart print on colorful sequined jackets. So far, not so badbut it wasn’t destined to last.

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