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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Smashbox Sephora Bodyart Fashion Show LA S06
126 Silhouettes representing 42 leading international Lingerie brands. About 50 min running time. Spring 2005-2006 collections. NTSC, full screen.

The Lingerie Francaise Fashion Show Rendez-vous with Paris
Participating Brands:

Antigel (France) Aubade (France) Barbara (France) Empreinte (France) Chantelle (France) Huit (France) Lise Charmel (France) Millesia (France) Princesse tam.tam (France) Ravage (France) Rosy (France) Simone P�r�le (France)

Fashion Show Rendez-vous with New York
Participating Brands:

Argentovivo (Italy) NK Attitude (Canada) Arianne (Canada) NK Romance (Canada) Arlotta ( USA) On Gossamer (USA) Beija Brazil (Brazil) Oscar De La Renta (USA) Betsey Johnson (USA) Panache (UK) Claire pettibone (USA) Patricia Fiedlwalker (Canada) Derek Rose (UK) Rago (USA) Donna Lingerie (Canada) Scanty (USA) Elita (Canada) Skimpies (Canada) Grenier (Canada) Tia Lyn (USA) Jacalyn Bennett (USA) Trelise Cooper (New Zealand) Larrivo (USA) Verde Veronica (Italy) Le Myst�re (USA) Verdissima (Italy) Maryan Mehlhorn (Germany) Volage (Canada) Montelle (Canada) Wolford (Austria)

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Kris Van Assche – PARIS Spring / Summer 2010 – widescreen HD Fashion show preview For the Belgian designer of Dior Homme, what’s essential is the menswear element. For Spring, he decided to drape his suits and to approach dressmaking with a tailor’s hand. The opening L.B.D., for example, came in a crisp cotton with short sleeves puffed stiff below pinched shoulders. A pair of suits, by contrast, were sashed at the waist with the tails of the shirts worn beneath. A soft, swagged feeling came across via jackets tucked into trousers and pants with smocked elastic sweat-suit waistbands.View large Fashion Stock photos and order Hi-resolution Images downloads or Photo Prints on professional Photo paperOrder this Video as Full HD video source on AVCHD or Blue-ray disc, 1920×1080, 30P here:
Emmanuel Ungaro – Paris Spring / Summer 2010 widescreen 16:9 video preview In a bid for easy headlines, CEO Mounir Moufarrige recently replaced Esteban Cortazar with an unusual team: the little-known Spanish designer Estrella Archs and, as “artistic adviser,” the actress turned self-bronzer entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan. Would the move turn out to be a bit of counterintuitive brilliancethe Olsens, after all, have had a bona fide hit with The Rowor would the results be as embarrassing as a streaky orange fake tan? In separate interviews a couple of days before the show, Archs discussed reviving the DNA and Lohan mentioned injecting a bit of youth into the brandnot necessarily mutually exclusive notions for a label that was beloved by eighties party girls. The show opened on an up note, with a strapless fuchsia plissé minidresstwo Ungaro signatures rolled into oneand Archs turned the house’s polka dots into a charming enough heart print on colorful sequined jackets. So far, not so badbut it wasn’t destined to last.
Dries Van Noten – PARIS Spring/Summer 2010 – widescreen HD video preview
Costume National – PARIS Spring/Summer 2010 – 4 min video preview of widescreen HD video
Andrew GN – PARIS Spring/Summer 2010 runway show preview from widescreen HD video
Bruno Pieters – Paris Spring Summer 2010

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A.F. Vandevorst – PARIS Spring Summer 2010 runway collection HD
Galliano said he found the cinematic cue while thinking about Lauren Bacall. “She was a great Dior client; there are amazing photos of her in the salon with Bogart. It was that and Arletty in Hotel du Nord,” he said. That central character’s a provocative, smoldering femme fatale with a side-parted, over-one-eye hairdo and red lipsâgave him free reign to script a wardrobe narrative. It started with abbreviated wartime trenchcoats, flipped through silver lam dresses, arrived at a sequence in which the heroine is seen in her scanties, and then followed her out to make a drop-dead entrance in some nightclub or other.
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