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backstage footage of Brazilian Swismwear brand Cia Maritima.

Cia.Maritima Spring 2009 -- Inspiration

The design team for Cia.Maritima was inspired by the psychedelic looks
of the 1960's and 1970's. The Bohemian and Hippie movements also inspired
the look and feel of the collection. The collection also mixes rock and
roll with sexy and feminine, referring back to distinctive styles in London
in the 1960's.

Highlight pieces include hand-crafted tie-dye which was important
during those eras while classic animal prints add glamour and
sophistication. Color influences lead with lavender and coral which appear
in solids but are also mixed with dense colors such as coffee, olive, and
graphite. Nude and lower tones are also present in the collection as well
as yellow and neon pink.

A new innovation is the Saint-Tropez style low rise bottom. It features
a lower cut in front, with more coverage in the back. It is featured with
sexy tie sides or details such as rings or chains.

Cia.Maritima is most famous for its range of beautiful cover-ups
including dresses, tunics, shorts and shirts, that showcase every bikini
for a pulled- together, high fashion look. The 2009 collection will
highlight these complete looks with multiple cover-up options for each
family of designs. These versatile cover-ups easily move from the beach to
the streets and provide women with fashionable alternatives for the


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